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Thank you for your consideration in sponsoring Artists Against Autism for your company’s philanthropic efforts.  AAA is grateful for the support of businesses that are dedicated to making a real difference for families affected by autism through our unique programs.

As an AAA Sponsor, your company name, logo and website link will be displayed on our website, as long as your sponsorship remains in good standing. Your support will be acknowledged through AAA’s social network venues, including Twitter, Facebook groups and our Facebook Cause, and TBD.  AAA Sponsors will also receive advance opportunities for sponsorship of AAA events/conferences at discounted rates as well as prime exhibit booth locations at our national conference.

Please review our sponsorship guidelines below:

  • AAA seeks to align with companies that have a sincere commitment and desire to support families affected by autism.  A minimum non-refundable donation of $500 is required prior to your company being recognized as an official AAA Partner.
  • AAA requires a minimum of one year in business to become an official AAA Sponsor.
  • AAA reserves the right to decline sponsorships at its own discretion, for any reason.
  • AAA suggests a minimum donation amount of 10% of the retail price for a product or service promoted as benefiting Artists Against Autism.
  • Donations based on proceeds of sales must be submitted to the organization on a quarterly basis. A minimum donation of $500 per quarter is required to remain in good standing as an AAA Partner.
  • Any use of AAA’s name or logo must be submitted for approval by the organization. Partners are required to sign AAA’s Link and Logo Authorization form.
  • AAA reserves the right to terminate a partnership agreement at its discretion.
  • AAA does not engage in product/service/company endorsements.  Permission to use the AAA name and logo does not constitute endorsement.
To become an AAA Sponsor, please complete the following application.


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